This Practice

  This Practice

Sitting with the 12 Steps will deepen their influence upon you, enriching your life of recovery.  Applying koans will take you deeper yet, in all aspects of your life.  They bring a practicality and usefulness today just as they did in Lin-chi's time (D. 867);  where you can pass your wisdom onto others.  Take the 12 Steps from AA's "Big Book" add a few koans from past Zen Masters leaves you at a new starting off place, the stepping off a 100-foot pole,  full of all possibilities.

Can I tell you with certainty that koan "A" is the best to use with a particular Step?  Absolutely not.  There is no way of knowing or predicting which koan will appear under what circumstances.  I told you what worked for me regarding Step Three.  My friend Ken I. had his koan experience surrounding Step One.  D. T. told me the koan he was working on and how it mingled with Steps Five and Six.  So it wouldn't surprise me to hear that the koan you "used" with Step Three might have a great impact on how you see Step Eleven.  And some of you who already have a koan practice may find a koan elsewhere that jostles your step work.  Koans have no boundaries or limitations.  They appear when a space opens up.

                                                 "They take us to places we haven't chosen to go"
                                                                                - John Tarrant Roshi

This is an unpredictable grand experiment we are taking, you and I.  If you've found this blog useful, please pass it onto others.   Perhaps we'll meet along the Way.

Bill K.