Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who is hearing?

It's back to everyday-as usual now; back from the 7 day retreat.

We were given a koan to sit with for the week:

"Who is hearing?"

Just three words, but my how they would manifest themselves
differently each day -- how far reaching and expansive they could take me... up ... and down. I was working on other koans, too,
the ongoing koans in our curricula. No problem ... the koan of the week crept into there as well.

It began as a question. This is how it was first presented to us.
But then it would transform into "Who is hearing." Of course, there has to be a "who" that is hearing, right? Who is this who anyway?

Always evolving, moving, changing perspectives, koans aren't static. "Who is hearing" would melt into Who is seeing? Who is talking? Who is thinking? Who is sitting? Who is hungry? Who is in pain?

It seems natural then to ask yourself, right now, sitting in front of your screen, "Who is reading?"

Sit with this for a spell to see where your "who-ness" takes you.

The 12 Steps and Zen koans are the topic still. Who is recovering?

Bill K.

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