Monday, October 17, 2011

I Stopped Looking and a Treasure Appeared

In this blog's background material you may recall how a particular koan came to me as Step Three. Two other people (so far) have told me about their koan/Step experiences, one with Step One and the other with Steps 6/7. Over the months I went through several books in search of appropriate koans to "match up" with the Steps. This has proven useful to a small extent -- at least we have something to work with since all koans have their way with us regardless of whether one is working with the Steps or not.

I've now stopped looking for these "special" koans. It was like me trying to make things happen and you all know how well this works (self will). Instead, just like in the beginning, I've realized that it's better to allow the koans to come to me. This usually happens in a variety of ways; either it's a koan I hear at a retreat or Monday evening, or it's one I happen to be working with in our PZi curriculum, or it just appears.

Student: "Where do I find the Way?"
Teacher: "Enter here."

This most recent example came to me this way. Like a teeter-totter, "Enter here" became balanced with "Came to believe." Enter here, came to believe -- came to believe, enter here -- enter here, believe -- believe, here -- here, believe...

For sure, the Second Step Prayer.

"God, I'm standing at the turning point now. Give me your protection and care as I abandon myself to you and give up my old ways and my old ideas just for today." P. 59

Standing at the turning point? Enter here. And it gets better!

Try this as a call and response prayer/koan.

"God, where do I find the Way?" God: "Enter here."

I must admit the joy I felt carrying Step 2 and this koan about for the next few days. It felt just right, like all the pieces fit together. But this koan had more to say. There were more pieces to it. While mulling over "Where do I find the Way," Step One replaced "Came to believe." Where do I find the way to embrace Step One? Enter here. Where do I find the way to work Step 10, 11 or 12? Enter here!

Last Friday I offered the group to sit with this koan and then tell me what Step came up for them. One said Step 2, another Step 4, and a few said ALL of the Steps.

We may have a universal koan for the 12 Steps! Any Step! What a great tool for my toolbox. I can stop looking now.

How does this work for you?

Bill K.

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