Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Step 1: A Goose In a Bottle

In spite of fiscal cliffs, global warning, faulty fracking, GMOs, and my wife retiring in three days, we have our koans and Steps to keep us company in these changing times.

Welcome to 2013!

With my eBook now available as a 12 Step/Koan primer of sorts, I hope it will attract more people to our 12 & Zen practice.  With more people practicing, there is a good chance more people will write to me about their experiences.  The more people write, the more sharing will be going on here.

We know the more we share, the more we learn about ourselves and others --  and this leads to helping the person who is suffering.

Rather than using the koans in the eBook, I'd like to begin this year with a new koan for Step One.  This will be my goal.  Along the Way, other koans will appear in my life, and in your life, too.  Let me know how any koan is changing your 12 Step practice.

Step 1:  We admitted we were powerless over something -- that our lives had become unmanageable.

Koan:  A woman raised a goose in a bottle.  When the goose was grown, she wanted to get it out.  How can you get it out without breaking the bottle?

 Bill K.

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  1. This koan couldn't be more perfect for my life right now. It's resonating in almost everything I do and notice. It is such a visual and sensory example of complete powerlessness. It helps me so much because it is a blatant reminder of the absolute lack of control over everything...yet I say I'm "such a controlling person"!