Thursday, June 27, 2019

Buddhism and the 12-Steps Working Together

Back in April an article I wrote was posted on the Buddhistdoor site. What prompted me to write this article began several years ago, when I read a sober Buddhists saying that AA isn't a good place for Buddhists to find sobriety. Really? That's not been my experience. And never mind that this person got sober in AA himself.

Addiction and Recovery: Buddhists on the Path to Sobriety in AA

If you are a member of a Buddhist-inspired recovery program and maintain your sobriety with them, Good for you!  Whatever path to sobriety that works for you, I'm for it.

The point I'm trying to make in this article is don't let anyone tell you that AA doesn't work for Buddhists.  You will meet other Buddhists with longtime sobriety at AA meetings. With an open mind, try it out for yourself -- see how the 12-Steps and Buddhism compliment each other.

The editors at Buddhistdoor were kind enough to provide a link to my blog.  A wonderfully eclectic international online Buddhist site I invite you to take a look at Buddhistdoor:

Bill K.

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