Friday, April 29, 2011

Heads and Tails

A couple of Mondays ago, it was this koan that intrigued me -- Case 38 from the Gateless Gate:

Goso said, "For example, it's like a great cow passing through a latticed window. Her head, horns, and four legs have passed through. Why is it that her tail can't pass through?"

This week I offer you a koan that's not mentioned elsewhere on this blog. Please sit with it for a few days. As Mumon suggests, reflect upon the tail.

Then get back to me and tell me if any Step(s) came to mind in relation to this koan. I look forward to your replies.

And if nothing comes up for you, that's OK, too.

It's just as likely that this koan may affect you in entirely different ways. As Sensai Deb Saint said, "Koans shine a light in the places that need it."

Good sitting to you,

Bill K.

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