Monday, February 13, 2012

A Sense of Community

Looking over to the group of people who are following this blog brings me joy. What I think is happening here is a continuation of what I wrote about last time. It seems to me that a sense of community is developing -- a sangha of sorts -- a community of like-minded people who happen to use Zen koans to deepen their relationship with the 12 Steps.

As you probably have noticed, I'm not one to write long or frequent postings. The crux of the matter is about practice... your practice and my practice. This reminds me of the Chinese saying, "Talk doesn't cook rice." I'd rather talk [write] less and believe that you are practicing more.

Our meeting once a month, on the second Friday of every month, is one way for everyone to plug into this Step/koan practice quite easily; but that's not all there is. There are 30 or so other days to each month. We get busy, we forget, we procrastinate, we replace our koan practice with other business.

To the 19 people so far who are following this blog, you receive a reminder that this even exists when I write a new post. There is is as a reminder ... to come back to your koan. Since I usually write but twice a month, there are two reminders to come back to your practice. This is all we need sometimes ... subtle reminders ... to return to practice.

Here's a PZi handout for you ... tips to bring koans and the Steps into your daily practice.

Bill K.

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