Wednesday, August 21, 2019

12 & Zen and Buddhistdoor

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever heard of Buddhistdoor?

It's an international site chock full of worldviews on all varieties of Buddhism and Buddhist-connected themes.  I urge you to peruse its pages.

Back in April 2019 I had an article "printed" called:

Addiction and Recovery: Buddhists on the Path to Sobriety in AA 
By Bill K.

Should the link not work, go to their Home page, then to Features, then to Long Reads, then type in the title into the search box.

You who have followed my 12 & Zen blog know that I'm totally at ease practicing the 12 Steps and Buddhism together.

It's when I read or hear about people who think Buddhists can't get sober in AA, that I ask, "Really?"  

I have many Buddhist friends in AA who agree with me;  that AA will pretty much work for anyone, regardless of backgrounds.

For those Buddhists who don't think AA will work for them, all I ask is to have an open mind and give it a try.

Just passing it on,

Bill K.

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