Monday, February 18, 2013

Step 2: God Magnet

A friend loaned me a little book of Jewish spirituality (Only 31 pages), printed by the Human Kindness Foundation, called Open Secrets -- The letters of Reb Yerachmiel ben Yisrael, Translated and edited by Rami M. Shapiro.*

While reading this book I found myself thoroughly amazed and energized.  Actually, the thought that kept appearing was, "Wow!  What a great Zen book."  I came away with a substantial affirmation of how I view my practice and Higher Power.  On the last page, Rabbi Shapiro adds:  "The fact that these teachings and practices have parallels in other religious systems points to our common humanity and universality of spiritual insight and practice.

And since we are sitting with Steps 2 and 3 this month and next, it is only fitting that I include the topic of God here.  I hope this invigorates your relationship with your Higher Power.

"The essence of God is that there is no essence of God, for God is all and nothing, here, now and forever."  Reb Yerachmiel ben Yisrael

You know how it is when you are at a meeting and you look around to see heads in the audience nodding in the affirmative to what the speaker is saying?  This is how it was for me reading Open Secrets

"You ask me of God:  to define the Nameless, to place in your palm the ultimate secret.  Do not imagine that this is hidden somewhere far from you.  The ultimate secret is the mot open one.  Here it is:  God is all.
...What we truly are is God manifest in time and eternity.  Know this, live well, and die easy."

-- Reb Yerachmiel ben Yisrael

It's suggested that we find a God of our understanding.  How do you feel and experience your Higher Power? Words fail me when I try to define my Higher Power.  No words can describe enlightenment either. 

Then I read the following letter.  It's not a definition of God;  he writes about God's completeness.

In writing about God's completeness's like adding another blanket on a cold night...another level of feeling my Higher Power, feeling my place in the Universe.

Bill K.

*It seems that this little book is out of print but there is a full version (125 pages?) still available.

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