12 Step Groups and Zen

Followers of the Way:

Which way? Are you one who practices Zen and also has a 12 Step practice? Or
one who practices any 12 Step program and is looking for a way to deepen your practice?

Either way, I invite you all to participate in our Pacific Zen Institute (PZi) experiment here.* If you live nearby, we will eventually hold 12 Step/Koan sharing sessions. In the mean time, you are all invited to participate on your own. Please take this project to heart, meditate with these koans and Steps, make it a part of your practice, and please send me feedback and examples of your experiences.

If you are already practice with koans, tell me how other koans (not mentioned here) have appeared in your 12 Steps practice.

From my own experience, I know koans are helping my 12 Step practice. May they also work their way into your lives.

Can Zen koans bring wisdom to the recovering drunk,druggie, or fill in the blank?  Hi, my name is Bill and I'm a member of this 12 Step group.  Hi, my dharma name is Shindo and I'm a Zen Buddhist.  This is what its come to -- essentially I practice both:  at times more the 12 Steps, other times it's more about koans, and still other times they seem inseparable, the same practice.

* NOTE:  In December 2014 I left Pacific Zen Institute.  This was my choice and we remain on good terms.  I am deeply grateful for my PZI teachers.  I now sit with Rocks and Clouds Zendo and CityZen.  My koan practice and 12 & Zen continue on.  There are links to these zendos on the blog home page.