Greetings All:

Do you happen to ...

a) be a member of any 12 step group,
b) know someone else who is,
c) have wondered if the steps might be useful in your life, or
d) practice koans and are simply curious how this might work?

Welcome ALL 12 Step Group members ... AA, NA, CA, MA, OA, GA, DA, the list goes on for hundreds of different fellowships. If you practice the 12 Steps, and are searching for a different approach, this may be just what you've been looking for.

This 12 Step/Zen Koan project offers a new way at delving into the 12 Steps by way of practicing with Zen Koans. You'll find yourself coming at the 12 Steps from a different angle -- and experiencing them more clearly. This blog's main goal is to introduce selected koans to the world of 12 Step recovery. Koan practice is rigorous, rewarding and well worth your effort.

The 12 Steps meeting Zen koans is new territory. In Case #46 of the Gateless Gate, an old master said, "Even though one who is sitting on the top of a hundred-foot pole has entered realization, it is not yet real. He must step forward from the top of the pole and manifest his whole body throughout the world in ten directions." Master Sekiso said, "How will you step forward from the top of a hundred-foot pole?" Are you ready to jump?

Are you willing to jump off this hundred-foot pole? Give it a try? This is new territory for 12 Step practice, and new territory for Zen practice. And remember, you can do this in the privacy of your home! ; { )

NOTE: Whether you are in 12 Step recovery or you have friends or family in 12 Step recovery, please pass this link onto others.

If you would like to learn about other koans not mentioned here, take a look at John Tarrant's site: http://zenosaurus.blogspot.com/

To learn more about Pacific Zen Institute: www.pacificzen.org

NEW LOCATION:  In December 2014 I left Pacific Zen Institute.  This was my choice and we remain on good terms.  I am deeply grateful for my PZI teachers.  Rocks and Clouds Zendo and CityZen are other places to learn about koans.  See blog posting December 19, 2014 for new location info.

I would like to hear your comments and first hand 12 Step/Koan experiences. Please email me  (Putting "12 Step/Koans" in the subject line will draw my attention). It will be your input that brings energy and effectiveness to this project (and give me topics to write about).

May your practice go well,

Bill K.

eBOOK ... P.S.  If this blog intrigues you -- if you find yourself saying, "I think I'd like to give these koans a try," then you might consider downloading a copy of "Twelve & Zen -- Where the 12 Steps Meet Zen Koans" from Amazon's Kindle Store.  Much of this blog and more, up thru June 2013, appears in the book.

In July, 2013, I expanded the book by about 25% -- more koans, more commentary,  and even more versions of the 12 Steps (a Zen version and a version for anyone)!

Downloaded to your iPad or smartphone, you can have the Steps and various koans available anytime.

PAPERBACK BOOK ... Also in July, 2013, also available from Amazon is a paperback (print on demand from CreateSpace)  edition of "Twelve & Zen -- Where the 12 Steps Meet Zen Koans."