Where to Begin?

When you look at the koans on this blog, you may notice that there isn't much dialog as to what to do with them.  A few questions and statements are offered;  but it's not up to me to put words into your head.

I suggest meditating for about twenty five minutes.  Begin the first five minutes meditating with the Step you are on.  Sitting comfortably upright, your spine like stacked coins, gazing down at the floor with your eyes open just a tad.  In breath ... out breath ... sitting with the Step.  Thoughts will arise, then you've recognize that you are thinking about those thoughts so gently let them go and return to the Step.
Even if it's only a short phrase of that Step, this is fine ... any part of the Step is the Step.

 After five minutes, read the accompanying koan.  If a phrase of the koan sticks to you then sit with that.  Be patient.  Welcome the koan and the Step into your meditation and see what appears.

When you find yourself daydreaming or trying to figure out the koan, return to your breath ... the in breath and the out breath.

A person once told me that they can teach me how to meditate in about five minutes;  but in order to be successful, I'll need to practice the rest of my life.

After meditating, pause for a bit to gather your thoughts.  Any new insight into the Step?  No?  Accept that as O.K. and go about your day.   Yes?  The Step has more meaning now?  Accept that as O.K. and go about your day.  The koan isn't through with you ... know that it will return at some point later on.

Of course, choose any Step to work a koan with... whatever comes to mind.  A Step that you're presently working on?  Or perhaps you're working with a sponsee right now?   Or do you work and study the Steps all the time?  Beginning in January 2012, I'm thinking of presenting one Step a month to meditate with ... January being the first month of the year would be Step 1 month, February Step 2 month, etc., where we could carry on a dialog and discussion of a different Step all year long.